Each day, together with our customers and suppliers, we devise and design new solutions to make fastening systems more efficient and cost-effective. We have been producing quality and prestige details since 1895, thus ensuring that your ideas achieve the success they deserve.


Our story began in 1895, when Giuseppe Bonaiti began producing iron wire, nails, meshes and buckles in Rancio di Lecco. A small laboratory, powered only by dreams and passion, developed over the generations with the help of tenacity and vision until it achieved its current international status.


The very first facility in Padua was built and came into operation in 1916. Managed by the sons of our founder, it extended over an area of about 2000 sqm: initially designed as a commercial unit, it soon turned into a production unit and became fully independent in 1925.


1940 During the early years of industrialisation in the Veneto region, production began of pressed screws and drawn galvanised products: the company became, in effect, a professional learning and training centre and a point of reference for the entire local economy, teaching technique and craftsmanship to all its employees.


1972 After over half a century of service, the company transferred to its current headquarters in Mestrino, a facility of over 40,000 sqm. Bonaiti, having established itself as a joint-stock company, now enjoys a well-established presence on the national market for its high quality production of special screws.


1999 Our focus on R & D received recognition: Bonaiti S.p.A. became one of the leading companies in Italy to obtain the ISO9002 Quality System certification.


Our Mission: to offer our customers solutions that are consistently innovative, ensuring more than a century of know-how in the sector and guaranteeing the optimal reliability and quality of the materials used.